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Imagine having a dedicated, fashion talent advisor with an extensive industry network to source, screen, and hire who you need, when you need. Promoting and increasing your business reach to the fashion talent market. That's our Talent Partnerships.

Being a partner provides the same thorough, attraction and recruitment processes as our Talent Acquisition service for permanent and interim placements but with inclusive benefits.

  • Every Stage Of Your Hiring Process Managed
    With inclusive access to our Talent Toolkit resources, our partnerships can supplement any stage of your hiring process, leaving you to focus resources elsewhere.
  • Your Brand Ambassador
    With a review of your current talent acquisition strategy, we can suggest and implement processes to improve your talent reach, engagement, and attraction.
    We curate all your job ads and marketing with your company branding, designed to promote your company and vacancy and improve the quality of applicants.
  • Control What You Spend And Plan Your Budget
    Unlike standard recruitment, costs are not based on salaries. All roles and levels are covered inclusive of your one-off service cost. Making it easy for you to plan your budget from the word 'go'!
  • Cut Your Recruitment Costs
    With affordable, monthly instalments for the length of your service, a Partnership can save more than 68% on standard, contingency recruitment fees.
  • Track And Plan Your Hiring Activity
    Our monthly reports are tailored to your business needs, providing valuable transparency of recruiting activity to direct future planning.
  • Inclusive Candidate Replacements
    With unlimited replacements for roles, if a candidate leaves within your service period, we will work to refill that position at no extra cost.

‚ÄčOur partnerships are available in a variety of service options¹ to suit your hiring plans and budget. Together, we can help you choose the right service option for your business needs.

¹Service Options

Term | Packages






12 Months

8 vacancies 

16 vacancies

24 vacancies

32 vacancies 

40 vacancies

6 Months

4 vacancies

8 vacancies 

12 vacancies

16 vacancies 

20 vacancies

3 Months

2 vacancies

4 vacancies

6 vacancies

8 vacancies 

10 vacancies

²If you require a service option different to those above, get in touch for our bespoke solutions

Referral Program

We are pleased to offer a referral program should you wish to invite others to join us for a partnership. Talk to us about how the program works and the extra rewards it brings to your service.


Get in touch to find out what a Talent Partnership can do for you and your business development »
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For contingent, talent support on an ad-hoc basis, our Talent Acquisition service is designed for your needs.