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Hybrid Flexible Working

The pandemic has spurred on the popularity of Hybrid Flexible Working, with, according to a 2021 Microsoft report stating that over 70% of workers will want flexible practices to continue. There are many benefits to companies adopting this model. Here we look at these benefits, as well as looking at ways to frame a productive, flexible working model in creative businesses like fashion.

31 Aug 2021

The New Recruitment Challenge: Purposeful Work

A 2020 Purpose Pulse report states that only 34% of young people trust CEOs to engage in the issues facing their generation. This poses a challenge for companies in attracting fresh and top talent. With more prospective employees preferring employers that lead with purpose.

26 Jul 2021

SME Culture and Employee Performance

Why and how can SMEs establish a successful company culture that drives employee performance? With so much emphasis on employee wellbeing and social responsibility, establishing a positive company culture has never been so important. It also happens to be a strategic objective with different types of challenges, depending upon the size and type of business.

21 Jun 2021

Building An Effective Talent Acquisition Strategy

Hiring the right people takes more than advertising, interviewing, and selecting. With jobs and consumer markets still in the realms of uncertainty, businesses are increasingly building a talent acquisition strategy, which outlines their needs for top talent and how they will attract that talent to work for them.

07 Jun 2021

Motivating Perennials

Are generational demographics productive in employee motivation? New thinking suggests not. Instead, the diverse approach of ‘perennials’ can offer a more effective way of engaging with and motivating your workforce.

10 May 2021

Nurturing Employee Soft Skills

Soft skills have always been on the radar when hiring employees, but the past year has seen priorities change in what employers are looking for in their workforce. The right soft skills can contribute to the success of a business, a team, and a career. Does that mean you have to spend on expensive, ongoing training programmes? Not at all, many desirable soft skills can be fostered internally for the long term. Here are a few examples and how to nurture them even on a budget.

26 Apr 2021

Empowering Employee Retention

Employee retention is a major focus for HR and business leaders in 2021. Losing staff is an expensive experience. For SMEs, a further challenge is how to compete with the attractive, benefits packages and reputation of the larger brands. Here we look at some factors SMEs can focus on to help motivate employees and minimise staff turnover rates.

05 Apr 2021

Sensitively Managing Redundancies

One of the most disheartening correlations of the pandemic has been the rising levels of redundancies. The great unknown is how jobs security will be affected when the furlough scheme comes to an end. Redundancy is still a big risk for those in employment and the goal of HR practitioners will be to manage the procedures as carefully and as thoroughly as they can.

29 Mar 2021

From Furlough to Workplace

With the introduction of vaccines, we are slowly witnessing an end to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has been an unwelcome addition to our daily lives over the past year. For employers, it is time to start considering your plan for easing employees back from furlough. It will be a difficult time for many, and some may find it overwhelming. It is worth taking steps now to make this period as easy as possible for your employees.

15 Mar 2021