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Designing Sustainably

With sustainability a strong focus for many designers, some influential brands are implementing 'green' practices into the design process. From eco-fabrics to responsible production, here we look at what a few big names are doing towards their sustainability goals.

18 May 2020

5 Eco-brands to Know in 2020

As a consumer, there are a few ways you can indulge your fashion senses responsibly. Shopping less and more focused is one, shopping more eco-consciously is another. There are ethically focussed brands popping up every day, we’ve picked out just 5 here to give you a head start on fashionable shopping with less cost to the earth.

11 May 2020

Redesigning the Runway

New York, London, Milan, Paris; well known for Fashion Week. Less well known for the 240,000 tons of carbon emission produced by the travel alone. As we see Earth receiving a respite from established and yet unsustainable practices, is it also signalling a metamorphosis of the Fashion Week?

27 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Fashion Joins the Fight

Our last blog looked at the devastating effects the coronavirus is having on the fashion industry. Today we see how many of the big brands are using huge resources to help in the efforts to tackle the pandemic

15 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: The Impact on Fashion

As the Coronvirus shakes the world, devastating lives and businesses, the fashion industry is feeling its share. But as we see global wide store closures and loss of sales it is reminding us of where our clothes come from and those at the beginning of the supply chains who stand to lose the most.

05 Apr 2020

Chanel's Change of Climate

Like most designers and fashion brands, Chanel has been working tirelessly on its sustainability initiatives. 2020 seems to be a year of transparency and long-awaited change as labels come face to face with the problems their beloved industry is causing the planet

25 Mar 2020

Fashion & The SDGs

As the second most polluting sector on the planet, fashion is facing some of its biggest challenges to date. Consumers are turning away from fast-fashion and educating themselves in more eco-conscious and ethical alternatives. This is greatly because the facts about the impact of the fashion industry are now out in the open, ready and waiting to shock those who delve into just a touch of research.

20 Mar 2020

5 Future Fabrics Now

Although we all know of the negative environmental impact of polyester, it still equates to over 50% of fibre production globally. That's why innovators worldwide, are answering the call to provide alternatives to polyester and other unsustainable fabrics. So next time you need to make a purchase here are 5 options your ethical wardrobe will love.

04 Mar 2020

Steps to Shop Sustainably

As the industry tackles the impact of fashion production, giving the consumer more and more sustainable options. The future looks bright for ethical fashion, but what can shoppers do in the meantime to be more eco-conscious?

04 Mar 2020