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Talent Acquisition

When you're looking for the best talent fast for skill gaps in the business as they arise, our specialised talent acquisition service is your go-to solution.

Providing our focussed sourcing processes alongside conscientious rates designed to support recovery and responsible growth in the industry.

Our established process has been developed to ensure the ideal candidates for permanent or interim roles are identified, assessed, and sourced quickly. Reducing the amount of time your vacancy is left open while increasing the calibre of applicants.

Provided on a 'No placement, No fee basis' means there's no cost to you until we fill the position.


Job Spec Optimisation

Analysis and optimisation of your job description to target and attract more relevant, quality applicants. Resulting in fewer inappropriate applications and faster assessments.


Targeted Ad Campaigns

Focused advertising across the popular, industry job boards and talent networks. Optimised for appropriate location and channels for the role and level, to maximise desired target reach.


Talent Sourcing

We carry out extensive engagement with our Talent Pool, and social and industry networks.
Leveraging the most relevant channels for optimal audience engagement. 


Industry Headhunting

Targeted and confidential talent search for hard-to-fill and executive roles. Leveraging our extensive, industry reach, as well as competitor research and connections.




Applicant Review » Interview Screening » Shortlisting » Feedback

All applicants are CV screened before proceeding to candidate status. All candidates are then interview screened for shortlisting. Both successful and unsuccessful candidates receive feedback and ongoing support as required.


Candidate Support

All candidates are supported in their applications on your behalf, providing them with interview preparation and guidance as required.


CV Commentaries

We submit all shortlisted applications with a short commentary, highlighting their key values for the role before you delve into the rest of their application.


Interview Coordination

Once you have a selection of dates for candidate interviews, we will arrange it with our candidate to ensure they have the necessary details to attend. We always check in beforehand to ensure there are no delays. After interviews, we check in again to ensure both parties are satisfied with the way the interview has gone and offer support as required.


Responsibility Rates

When you're responsible, we're responsive. That is why our talent acquisition service rates are structured to support and acknowledge valuable areas of employment.

Our Responsibility Rates offer fee concessions for the following categories.

  • Small Businesses
  • CSR, Sustainable & Ethical, and Diversity & Inclusivity placements


Discover more about our Talent Acquisition services by contacting us for a chat » solutions@jaymesbyron.co.uk call +44(0)20 7046 9494 or click here to Book an Online Meeting at a time suitable for you.

If you are looking for long-term and regular support for your talent planning and acquisition, then our Talent Partnerships could be more suitable for your needs.
Our Talent Partnerships offer an ongoing solution to planning and acquiring the right talent for your business’ growth.